We do raise toasts but we don’t make toasters …

Toastmasters are a gang of people who meet regularly to help each other become better communicators and leaders by doing lots of different educating and social activities and having fun all along. Our meetings and events are essentially built around public speaking practice – speeches, presentations, workshops. There is no guru or instructor. We have got something better – the unique practical ‘learn by doing’ Toastmasters educational program. Everything you need to know about communication and leadership in a nutshell, and pretty edible, too.

Our members are people of different skills and expertise and assets and share those with fellow club mates. We learn by taking roles and getting involved in club activities. We support each other in achieving individual goals at individual pace. Evaluation at Toastmasters is a positive, helping act and is to build fellow members up. Toastmasters clubs are a great networking and social interaction opportunity.

Public speaking causes insomnia and panic attacks?

Toastmasters is the perfect cure.

Fellow members will take you through the unique public speaking educational program offering support and constructive evaluation. You’ll feel comfortable:
– you set the pace
– you choose most things to talk about
– you choose most of the projects to work on.

Regular Meetings

Table Topics Master Lucek

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Regular Toastmasters meetings will give you the chance to practise your communication and leadership skills systematically and gradually build your public-speaking expertise.

A typical Toastmaster meeting will consist of:
– debates and warm ups
– Table Topics – speaking without preparation or, as we like to say, thinking and speaking ‘on your feet’
– prepared speeches or workshops
– evaluations

Ah-counter with hell’s bells

A less typical meeting will include speech contests, special occasion and social activities, educational games, etc.

The participants practise communication and leadership by taking different roles – the host of the meeting, speaker, evaluator (of a speech, fluency, voice emission, etc.).


Evaluation is a positive, helping act. As conscientious Toastmasters, our goal must be to help fellow Toastmasters develop their skills. Evaluation is a positive experience designed to help people overcome weak habits and add power to good ones.

Everything You Need To Know To Become a Competent Communicator and Leader

The heart of Toastmasters is the educational program. Imagine a great part of world’s knowledge about communication and leadership skills in a nutshell. That’s the Toastmasters Educational Program. It is a unique collection of projects, each teaching you specific skills one step at a time.
All projects include evaluation guides, which give club members an easy way to provide you with immediate feedback after you have completed the project to help you improve.

Communication skills

Conan the Grammarian

From rhetoric basics:
selecting a topic,
opening, organizing and concluding your speech,
specifying the objectives of the speech,

you move on to more advanced skills:
using proper language,
learning to control body language and to use vocal variety,
researching your topic,
using visuals,
learning to persuade and inspire,
getting to know your audience.

Leadership skills

At the same time you perform functions at club events to practise:
listening and leadership, critical thinking, giving feedback, time management, planning and implementation, organizing and delegating, developing your facilitation skills, mentoring, team building, taming stress, and other …

And many practical skills

Building your internet reputation, the great art of evaluation and motivation, delegating to empower, coaching, resolving conflict, …