… if you’re up for:

– developing your communication skills
– improving your everyday leadership
– socialising with interesting people

Guest Status

We invite you to take part in 4 TSPS meetings without any obligations. After that, if you’re interested in joining and benefitting from the TM educational program we ask you to apply for membership.


If you want to join a club and take the best from the TM educational program, you need to:

– have a good communicative command of English (B2)
– declare you want to become a member
– fill in and sign the application form
– declare you understand and accept the Club Bylaws and Toastmasters Values
– be ready to get involved in club business, like running the meetings
– be voted in by the club members
– pay the fee

FAQs About Membership and Toastmasters

I am afraid people will not be understanding of my inexperience and I will feel ashamed.

Toastmasters is for everyone who wants to work on their communication and leadership skills, no matter how much experience they have, and most people start from scratch anyway. New members are assigned mentors who take proper care of their mentees. It is a duty and privilege of all members to support, advise and guide new club mates.
If you are shy, Toastmasters is just the place for you. With friendly support you face challenging tasks at your own pace to build up self confidence and assertiveness.

In my job I do not want to perform in public and don't have much contact with clients.

There are occasions in our private lives when good communication skills come in useful, too!
Moreover, members learn leadership skills which are indispensable in every job like time management, giving feedback, listening, good organization, delegating and many others.
Or, simply, if you like challenge and mind gymnastics – Toastmasters is the place for you.

I do not see the purpose of the meeting clearly or of coming to such meetings every week, you do almost the same.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, Repetition Is The Mother of All Sciences and Practice Makes Master. Toastmasters meet for a concrete purpose: to master or improve communication and leadership skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere and to have a nice time at the same time. That is why we use a long tested formula of meetings, which makes it all possible. Most of the meetings have a similar formula or roles, but they are varied and interesting because our members are people of different jobs and talents and choose a number of interesting topics to discuss.
Members test themselves in different roles at the meetings, using the wide range of educational materials Toastmasters offer, or when they choose to serve in an executive committee or as officers at the national or international levels. From mentees they progress to being mentors, from beginner speakers to evaluators and leaders.

Additionally, members can take part in speech contests at club and international levels, trainings in clubs or at Toastmasters conferences at different levels.

How come you evaluate each other, you are not experienced speakers yourselves, you are not trainers.

At Toastmasters we learn by doing – it is indisputably the best way of acquiring new skills. That is why every experienced Toastmaster is an experienced speaker. Every member has got skills or inborn talents they can share with others and we can learn from each other. Your audience will consist of people of different background, jobs, experience or expertise. Peer evaluation you get at Toastmasters will provide you with a good picture of how you are perceived by your audience.