The Toastmasters educational program is © Toastmasters International. All rights reserved. This compilation has been created to orient the members better in the procedures during the meeting.

Lectern Etiquette

A lectern is an important part of the Club. The lectern should be placed at the front of the meeting room where it can be seen by all.
Someone should always be at the lectern during the meeting. For example, when the Toastmaster introduces a prepared Speaker, they should give the introduction and wait for the Speaker to arrive at the lectern before taking their seat.
Speakers making manual presentations are not required to stand behind the lectern while speaking. They are free to move about the front of the room as they speak if they wish.
(from the ‘Guide to Quality in Meetings’).

The TM is requested to give the speaker time to collect the props from around the lectern peacefully after the speech, not breathe impatiently on their necks.

Time Management

TM (or GE) should stop the session (apart from prepared speeches) if it is over time – it is their right and duty.
All speakers are recommended to come to a close after they have seen a yellow flag.

On request of the Speaker the Timer might signal the time in a different way (e.g. green flag in the middle of the speech).

How to Introduce and Thank a Speaker

Every speaker deserves a thoughtful and helpful introduction. The best introductions help the speaker and the audience establish a common bond.
Introduction is like a small speech with an opening, body and conclusion.
You should tell the audience about the speaker’s expertise and give relevant background information. Set the mood of the audience for this particular speech, but be careful not to give the speaker’s speech.
As the speaker finishes you should lead the audience’s applause as you return to the lectern. Then express your appreciation to the speaker on behalf of the audience. Keep your acknowledgement brief and be pleasant, gracious and sincere.

from the ‘Communication Programme’


1. the awards session takes place at the end of the meeting,
2. announce the winners during the awards session / or hand in the names of the winners to the TM,
3. the EC will arrange the prizes.

Ah Counting

The Ah Counter should consult with the Speaker of the Evening and the guests if they wish to be disturbed by the sound device.