Choose one role, use the materials, resources and your ideas to make the best out of it.
If you want to prepare any additional interesting stuff, confer with the Toastmaster to reserve extra time in the agenda.

Session Masters / Mistresses

The Toastmaster

The Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Speaker

The Hot Topics Master

‘Just Say It’ Master

The Speaker / Leader

Evaluators & supporting roles

The Speech Evaluator

The General Evaluator

The Grammarian

The Ah-Counter

The Body Language Evaluator

The Voice Master

The Timer

The Master of Humour

The Word of the Day Master

The Listening Master

The Heckling Master

In Brief …

The Toastmaster – hosts the meeting
The Table Topics Master – prepares an improvised speech session
The Table Topics Speaker – participates in an improvised speech session
The Hot Topics Master – moderates a debate
The ‘Just Say It Master’ – leads an improvised speech session
The Speaker / Leader – delivers a speech / workshop
The Speech Evaluator – evaluates the speech / workshop
The General Evaluator – evaluates the whole meeting
The Ah-Counter – evaluates the fluency
The Body Language Evaluator – evaluates the body language
The Voice Master – evaluates the use of the voice
The Timer – keeps an eye on the time limits
The Joke Master – prepares jokes and anecdotes to liven up the meeting
The Word of the Day Master – prepares a word and counts its proper uses
The Listening Master – prepares questions about the current meeting
The Heckling Master – provides opportunities to deal with trouble