Dear ‘Just Say It’ Master,
the following guidelines will help you prepare for your role:
You will lead the session.

The purpose of this session is to provide all the audience with the opportunity to speak in public so that their performance can be observed by the evaluation team and to practise impromptu speaking, in other words – have them ‘think and speak on their feet’ (without preparation).
The purpose of this role is to moderate a part of the meeting and thus practice leadership and organisational skills.

In this session, everybody writes a word on a card, (you may name the category to make it more interesting). Then the Master collects the cards and chooses speakers from the audience to draw one card and to deliver short speeches starting from the word on the card. The speakers should be reminded that they have to start from the word on the card but then can digress (best start yourself to set a good example). After that, the Master distributes the voting cards and the audience vote for the best ‘JSI’ speaker (during the break).

You are responsible for the smooth organization of the session, so:


You should
– prepare the ‘JSI’ cards and voting cards,
– prepare a brief explanation of your duties for the benefit of guests.


You should
– make sure you’ve got the ‘JSI’ cards and voting cards.


You should
– be ready to explain clearly and briefly your role (the purpose of the session and the activities),
– distribute the ‘Just Say It’ Session cards and instruct the audience to write on them one word, then collect them,
– remind the audience about the timing rules before the session or ask the Timer to do so,
– encourage speakers to use the ‘Word of the Day’ if it has been announced,
– keep your comments short, your task is to give the members an opportunity to speak not to deliver speeches yourself!,
– remind the speakers they have to start from the word on the card but then can digress,
– invite the speakers to the lectern and let them draw one card,
– stay at the lectern until a speaker you have invited takes control,
– distribute the voting cards and instruct the audience to vote for the best speaker of the session (usually during the break),
– collect the cards and count the votes,
– announce the winners during the awards session / or hand in the names of the winners to the TM.

If there are guests,
– explain briefly the purpose of the session,
– inform the guests if they are eligible to vote,
– inform the guests if they are eligible to take part in the session and ask them if they are willing to participate.

You should not
– ask for volunteers, remember – ‘think and speak on their feet’.