Dear Master of Humour,
the following guidelines will help you prepare for your role:
You will take care of nice and light atmosphere in the course of the meeting.

The purpose of this role is to make the members conscious of the importance and value of sense of humour for public speakers.

You are expected to liven up the meeting with jokes, anecdotes, quotations, puzzles, etc., so:


You should
– check the theme of the meeting to prepare a matching set of jokes, quotations or anecdotes,
– prepare a brief explanation of your duties for the benefit of guests.


You should
– be ready to explain clearly and briefly your role (the purpose and the activities),
– be prepared to incorporate the jokes, anecdotes, etc., into the segments of the meeting, when the Toastmaster of the Evening asks you to.

Master of Humour provides entertainment. Doesn’t need to be hilarious, just bring interesting stuff.