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Things to remember

Remind the speakers they might take 10-20 sec time for preparation before they start.
Don’t comment or sum up other people’s speeches. They own their speeches and content.
Don’t rather ask for volunteers.
Encourage speakers to use the ‘Word of the Day’ if it has been announced.
First ask the members who do not have any function.
Remind the speakers they should be standing up.
Remind the speakers they do not have to tell the truth.

Sample concise description:
Description: my job is to prepare a number of questions and ask them to members during the session. The TT speakers have minimum 1 min and max 2 minutes (+30sec) to answer the questions. After the session the audience vote for the best TT speaker. The TT speakers must fit in the time limits to be qualified for voting.
Each TT speaker can take a short time for preparation. (10-20sec)