Dear Timer,
the following guidelines will help you prepare for your role:

The purpose of this role is to provide the members with the opportunity to learn expressing thoughts within specific time limits and to practise leadership skills and constructive evaluation.

You will signal the minimum, maximum and the midway between min and max time of each speech and give report on the time management throughout the meeting.

You are responsible for keeping track of time, which makes you the second most important person to keep an eye on the smooth organization of the meeting, and are expected to give a clear and useful report on timing in the Evaluation Session, so:


You should
– think how to structure your presentation in the Evaluation Session,
– prepare a brief explanation of your duties for the benefit of guests.

– shows the speaker has reached their minimum time
– the midway between min and max (the speaker should be finishing)
– shows the speaker has reached their maximum time and should finish


You should
– confirm with the Speaker time limits of their speech and the way they wish to be signalled the limits,
– choose a place to sit where you can be seen by everybody,
– collect the signal device from the Sergeant of Arms.


You should
– be ready to explain clearly and briefly your role ( the purpose and the activities) and demonstrate the signal device,
– pay close attention to the agenda – red-flag all the parts of the meeting on the agenda – business portion, break, etc. when they have reached the allotted time!,
– be assertive – signal the maximum red limit confidently, though politely,
– explain the timing rules to the audience if any other Master asks you to,
– if the Table Topics Master forgets to say which speakers are qualified for the voting, remind them to do so,
– record each Speaker’s name and the time used,
– when you give your report, politely point to all people who exceeded the time limit,
– (report also on the time taken by particular sessions),
– give practical advice, if something needs improvement, say how it could be done,
– if the club levies fines :), state who is to be fined for exceeding the time limits / or hand in the names of the fined members to the TM.

You might
– include some advice on how to improve timing when you give your report in the evaluation session.


You should
– return the signal device to the Sergeant of Arms.