Fun practice

Add power
Get all members to sit as far from the stage as possible. The speaker must make their best to be audible from the stage.

The speakers put hands behind their backs and you handcuff them. They can’t gesticulate and must put a lot of expression in their voice. 😊 😊


You might observe if or how the speakers control their breathing:
– can you hear them breathing?
– is their voice smooth and clear or does it break because of lack of air?
– do they breathe with the diaphragm (stomach)?
– is the voice reinforced by deep, controlled breathing?
– voice emission and control

You might observe if or how the speakers control their voice:
– volume
>   can you hear them well?
>   is their voice strong enough / dynamic?
>   is it too loud or too soft?
– is it natural, reflecting true personality and sincerity?
– rate – is it varied? or is it too fast or too slow?
– pitch – varied? too high? monotonous? does it convey authority?
– quality – friendly, pleasant, confident? harsh, nasal, tense? (goat – cow scale)
– expressiveness – does it show wide range of emotion?

Diction and Intonation

– do the speakers articulate words correctly – clearly and understandably? or do they swallow, suppress, or mumble them through a half-opened mouth?
– do they use proper intonation?

You might
include some advice on how to improve the flow of your speech, breathing and voice emission, when you give your report in the evaluation session. Remember to confer with the TME to book extra time in the agenda.