Dear WoD Master,
the following guidelines will help you prepare for your role:

You will listen carefully to all speakers and give report on how they used the Word(s) of the Day in the course of the meeting.
The purpose of this role is to make the speakers conscious of the language they use.

You are expected to ask fellow members questions about the meeting at the end, so:


You should
– check the theme of the meeting to prepare a ‘Word of the Day’,
– prepare a brief explanation of your duties for the benefit of guests.


You should
– inform the Toastmaster of the Evening if you have prepared a ‘Word of the Day’,
– write it on the board so that everybody can see it and explain the meaning.


You should
– be ready to explain clearly and briefly your role (the purpose and the activities),
– remind people to use the ‘Word of the Day’ properly and then count only the sensible uses,
– write down who and how often has used the ‘Word of the Day’ (or a derivative of it) correctly,
– announce the winner of the ‘Word of the Day’ (who has used it most often) during the awards session / or hand in the names of the winners to the TM,
– if your Club levies fines :), state who is to be fined for not using WoD / or hand in the names of the fined members to the TM.