Easy Speak Guide for Members

Dear Member,
Below find guidelines how to use and manage your Easy Speak account:

  • profile
  • progress
  • sign up
  • CL track
  • request a speech


  • you receive an email with your user name and password to log in at the site
  • change your user name and password and update or add any information
  • it is vital your email address should always be updated
  • click on your name or pencil icon to edit the profile
  • locate Toastmaster Membership Number which is necessary to log in to the TI website
  • if you forget your password, ask the VPE / IT Specialist to reset it


My Participation – Communication and Leadership progress
Charts – goals and progress


  • you can sign up for a couple of meetings in advance
  • click on Sign Up for Meetings
  • or, click on the date of the meeting – to see the agenda (edit screen) of the meeting
  • notice the info about last online changes – after that contact the manager of the meeting – Toastmaster / VPE / IT directly
  • click on the green hand to volunteer for or accept the role
  • click on the red hand to decline the role


You can start a leadership track on ES and complete 10 projects from the CL manual by taking roles at and outside the meetings – the evaluations of the roles must be written in the CL manual by another member. At the same time you may work on other awards: ALB, ALS.

  • choose the CL project next to the role
  • go to View my CL Progress to check your leadership progress


  • you may plan and request a number of speeches in advance
  • View Your Speech Progress or go to Charts to observe your speech progress
  • view the agenda of the meeting on your preferred date
  • inform the VPE / Toastmaster earlier if this is going to be an educational speech or workshop (not from communication manuals)
  • click on Request a Speech or Sign Up for Meetings > request speech button
  • in a separate window complete the speech title, workbook (manual and the project) and preferred dates
  • Save
  • wait till the VPE assigns you the role of a speaker
  • go to the agenda (edit screen) of the meeting and confirm the role of the speaker