The Toastmaster

The Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Speaker

The Hot Topics Master

‘Just Say It’ Master

The Speaker / Leader

The Speech Evaluator

The General Evaluator

The Grammarian

The Ah-Counter

The Body Language Evaluator

The Voice Master

The Timer

The Joke Master

The Word of the Day Master

The Listening Master

The Heckling Master

In Brief …

The Toastmaster – hosts the meeting
The Table Topics Master – prepares an improvised speech session
The Table Topics Speaker – participates in an improvised speech session
The Hot Topics Master – moderates a debate
The ‘Just Say It Master’ – leads an improvised speech session
The Speaker / Leader – delivers a speech / workshop
The Speech Evaluator – evaluates the speech / workshop
The General Evaluator – evaluates the whole meeting
The Ah-Counter – evaluates the fluency
The Body Language Evaluator – evaluates the body language
The Voice Master – evaluates the use of the voice
The Timer – keeps an eye on the time limits
The Joke Master – prepares jokes and anecdotes to liven up the meeting
The Word of the Day Master – prepares a word and counts its proper uses
The Listening Master – prepares questions about the current meeting
The Heckling Master – provides opportunities to deal with trouble