Dear Speaker / Leader,

the following guidelines will help you prepare for your role:

You will deliver a speech based on a project.

The purpose of this role is to practise various speaking skills according to the guidelines in the TM Educational Program.


You should

  • prepare a speech following the guidelines; rehearse the speech to ensure quality,
  • contact the Toastmaster of the Evening and a Speech Evaluator to inform them about the title of the speech, the name of the project, the program and the time limits,
  • let the TM know what you would like them to include in the introduction to your speech, it must contain the name of the project and its objectives; it is recommended that the TM state who your audience is (what kind of audience you want to address),
  • remember to bring your evaluation sheet,
  • if you are intending to use the computer or any other device, arrive early enough to get acquainted with the equipment.


You should

  • hand your evaluation sheet in to your Evaluator,
  • confirm with the TM and the Timer the name of the project and the time limits,
    confer with the Speech Evaluator to let them know if you want them to watch for any specific things during the talk,
  • tell the Ah Counter if you want them to use the sound device during your speech.


You should

  • acknowledge the TM and the audience (Toastmasters and guests),
  • deliver your speech to achieve the objectives of the project,
  • remember about body language, voice emission, breathing,
  • keep to the time limits – when you see the yellow flag come to a close.

You should not

  • thank your audience after the speech, simply return control of the meeting to the Toastmaster of the Evening (‘Mister / Madame Toastmaster! Mister / Madame Chair!’). Wait for the TM to return to the lectern, then resume your seat.


You should

  • collect your evaluation sheet,
  • complete your record.

You might

  • sign up again for a speech and deliver the same one if you wish to practise the objectives of the project again,
  • keep the individual speech evaluation cards.