Assigning a Mentor to a candidate for membership

Make the candidate aware of the steps to membership

  • have a good communicative command of English (B2)
  • declare you want to become a member
  • fill in and sign the application form
  • declare you understand and accept the Club Bylaws and Toastmasters Values
  • be ready to get involved in club business, like running the meetings
  • be voted in by the club members
  • pay the fee

Make the New Member aware of the values and principles of TI

  • Club Bylaws
  • Toastmaster’s Promise
  • Toastmasters Values

Induction Ceremony

  • Club Membership Certificate

Orientation Program

Guidelines for the Mentor


Carefully go through the following steps with the New Member:

Educational Program – study the ‘beginner’s’ sheets:

  • start
  • meetings
  • CC
  • CL

Easy Speak for Members

Make sure the NM has got a copy of:

CC1 Icebreaker
Your Speaking Voice
Effective Evaluation
Gestures: Your Body Speaks
(A Toastmaster Wears Many a Hat)
Educational Program


Browse through:

Meeting Roles
Meeting Guidelines
Meeting Resources
Table Topics Ideas

Easy Speak for the Toastmaster – most important points: assigning roles, emails

Educational Program – browse through ‘intermediate’ sheets:

  • opportunities
  • advanced manuals
  • club leadership


TSPS Library & Stock – make sure the NM is aware of available educational materials

TM Opportunities – make the NM aware that we are a part of a bigger pack and Toastmasters membership offers more than regular club meetings:
Our Club …
TI organization chart
What You Get


Check the TSPS Library for available materials