Assign a Mentor to a candidate for membership

Make the candidate aware of the steps to membership

– have a good communicative command of English (B2)
– declare you want to become a member
– fill in and sign the application form
– declare you understand and accept the Club Bylaws and Toastmasters Values
– be ready to get involved in club business, like taking roles at the meetings
– be voted in by the club members
– pay the fee

Make the New Prospect aware of the values and principles of TI

Club Bylaws
Toastmaster’s Promise
Toastmasters Values

Conduct the Induction Ceremony according to TSPS Bylaws

Club Membership Certificate
Warm welcome


Guidelines for the Mentor


Carefully go through the following steps with the New Member:

Easy Speak for Members
Educational Program
Start Pathways

Make sure the NM has got a copy of:

CC1 Icebreaker
Your Speaking Voice
Effective Evaluation
Gestures: Your Body Speaks
(A Toastmaster Wears Many a Hat)


Browse through:

Meeting Roles
Meeting Guidelines
Meeting Resources
Table Topics Ideas

Easy Speak for the Toastmaster – most important points: assigning roles, emails

Educational Program – other opportunities


TSPS Library & Stock – make sure the NM is aware of available educational materials

TM Opportunities – make the NM aware that we are a part of a bigger pack and Toastmasters membership offers more than regular club meetings:
Our Club
TI organization chart
What You Get


Check the TSPS Library for available materials