Toastmasters’ considerations on rhetoric

How To Organise Your Speech

When we want to give a series of speeches, talks or presentations that are parts of a bigger whole, the question arises, how to put it all together. Especially in the context of Toastmasters meetings, where we usually have 5-7 minutes time per meeting to shine as a star of the evening …

For a typical informative speech the original vision of the organisation still stands:
[Powerful beginning]
Introduction – tell them, what you’re going to tell them
Body – tell them
Conclusion – tell them what you’ve told them
[Powerful closing]

How to incorporate it neatly into a bigger framework? Well, why not have a look at some available good stuff. Let’s turn to the Green brothers who successfully run educational YT channels with useful series of short informative and entertaining videos. The video below is a most interesting take on the role of emotions. And this is how the presenter Hank Green put all of it together.

Powerful beginning – some “shocking” info
Introduction – questions to be answered, thesis
Body – development of the topic, examples, evidence
Body closing – important advice
Next part trailer / clip – referring to the content of the next part
Conclusion – what you have learnt if you have been listening carefully
Shout-out to viewers, subscribers

The trailer my appear after the conclusion and it is best to connect it smoothly with the element of the presentation.

A bite of useful language:
These are just some of the questions we’ll be looking at in this presentation.
…, and it’s just one of the things that we’ll be looking at in the next episode.
Today you’ve learnt about …
We’ve looked at how …

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