Charisma means ‘gift of grace’. Perhaps that’s why people often think you must be born with it. At Toastmasters you will see that you can learn it.

It is the uncanny ‘something’ that is so difficult to express in words that we know it only when we see it, or rather feel it. A combination of personality, charm, magnetism and enthusiasm that will grab people’s attention immediately, an uncanny ability to bond with people intellectually and emotionally often accompanied by great persuasion skills.

While charisma is difficult to describe, it is relatively simple to work on your CQ = ‘charisma quotient’. 6 things to do:

– get in touch with your emotions and learn to communicate them
– improve your communication skills – learn about rhetoric, how to use vocal variety and the right pace, eye contact and facial expressions to inspire and persuade
– improve your leadership skills – timing, organising, evaluating, professional look
– be a good listener – ‘charismatic people are interesting because they are interested in us. Who doesn’t want to be around a person like that?’
– build up your confidence, be optimistic and enthusiastic, be here and now
– build up your competence – study and read

The 6 things sum up beautifully what we do at Toastmasters.
Be the star of the evening, joke master at a party, an inspiring speaker, easily get people involved in projects and activities. Join Toastmasters and we will help you light up every place where you appear.

Based on:
Caren Schnur Neile, Ph.D., ATMS, “Charisma: The Magic and The Menace”, Toastmaster July 2010

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