Communication skills today are not optional

Toastmasters is a unique educational opportunity.

You can learn:

– speaking in front of small and big audiences
– presenting your views and ideas
– participating in debates
– moderating meetings
– leading discussions
– conducting workshops
– leadership, organisation, delegating, motivating
– time management
– giving and getting constructive feedback, using feedback to improve your skills
– cooperation, team building, mentoring

What you get

When you are a member you will learn to become a better communicator and leader by getting involved in numerous activities mostly built around public speaking. You will also have access to many valuable Toastmasters materials. You get:

Club meetings (weekly, biweekly)
In-Toastmasters trainings and workshops, national and international
– our fellow Toastmasters are experts in different areas and share their expertise at training sessions
– the topics vary from all possible communication and leadership skills like rhetoric, body language or team building to technical issues like voice emission and stage management

Speech contests
– twice a year, speech contests are held at different levels of organisation, and the winners take part in international contests
– they are: spring speech contest and autumn humorous speech contest

Educational program
– educational materials, manuals, magazines
– recognition of educational achievements

Unforgettable social occasions, integration meetings and trips
Networking opportunities


Toastmasters Advantages

Cost-effectiveness: it is inexpensive – basically, fee every 6 months
Trainings and mentoring by experienced members from other clubs in the world

Extensive educational program
– well-designed one step at a time projects
– clear goals – levels to reach with appropriate recognition like certificates
– time-tested projects (since 1924)
– chance to learn new skills / qualifications – many advanced projects are career oriented

Practical presentation experience / learn by doing – instead of fearing the unknown having only theory to base on, you’ll get hands-on experience speaking, acting, organising, leading

Constructive frequent evaluations – you’ll learn through giving and getting feedback – all activities at Toastmasters are evaluated in a useful and positive way to help you do better next time

Positive friendly learning environment
– no bad stress – you’ll practise in small groups, i.e. clubs, where you’ll find cordial atmosphere
– support of the fellow members

Toastmasters Unique Selling Points

Toastmasters is this rare combination of fun, friendship and the opportunity to develop professional skills by following the educational track of Toastmasters International.
Here are things that make Toastmasters a truly exceptional organisation:
– educational program tailored to your needs, you choose most of the things to practise
– Tabletopics session – a trademark of Toastmasters International, a session of a TM regular meeting for practising speaking and thinking ‘on your feet’, without preparation
– Ah-counter role who helps you get rid of irrelevant sounds, a role unique to TM
– recognising the value of the sense of humour in the process of learning – humorous speech contests
– cross-club mentoring and support

Why Toastmasters?

What is success for you?
Whatever it is, you can most probably achieve it at Toastmasters. Look at what TSPS members say about how Toastmasters have helped them achieve their personal goals in private and professional lives.

I love to stay active and learn new things and TM enables you to do both.
Anna, teacher, business owner

I enjoy successful communication with clients and friends.
Anna, manager

I can express myself clearly and stand up for myself.
Ewa, manager

I’ve learned a lot about myself, made new inspiring contacts and came out uplifted from each and every meeting. What I am trying to do now is find ways I can use my Toastmasters knowledge in my day to day family life and it works perfectly.
Asia, entrepreneur, mother

I feel comfortable speaking in public at official ceremonies, and to big audiences.
Tomek, engineer, tutor

I have met and made friends with great people in our and other Clubs. I have had a lot of fun with my fellow Toastmasters at many social occasions.
Aga, psychologist, teacher

Being in Toastmasters has helped me to get new contacts in my professional work. It is a great networking tool.
Monika, entrepreneur, coach

I know more about getting and giving feedback, I have actually understood the idea of constructive evaluation.
Agata, coach, mediator

As a native speaker with little Polish, joining Toastmasters gave me the opportunity to meet a friendly and motivated group of people. Each meeting is an interesting event, where we share knowledge, ideas, and improve our communication skills. Hats off to Toastmasters!
Margo, nurse, teacher

It’s a great feeling to understand and control body language.
Wiesia, teacher, free electron

I have become a better speaker both in English and Polish.
Jan, freelancer, activist