TS Passionate Speakers usually meet on Wednesdays, 7.00 pm, [6.45 pm gathering time]


Regular venue: Beliani Polska, Pentagon Building, Szczecin, al. Wojska Polskiego 62, Call 2 on the entry phone, 2nd floor

Special occasions:

Sometimes we meet outside the regular venue. Check out the details on the agenda and sign up here:

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FAQs about meetings:

How can I attend a Toastmasters meeting?

Click on the link above to check the place, date and time of the next meeting and come to join us.

Is there any preparation required to attend the meeting?

No preparation is required, although the meetings are held in English, so a good communicative command of English (B2) is necessary.

As a guest, would I be requested to do anything at the meeting?

Only to introduce yourself and express your opinion about the meeting. However, you can take part in many segments of the meeting if you feel like it.